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Identity Thief

Identity Thief directed by Seth Gordon

Hey everyone! I recently watched this film, and since it opened not so long ago, I think it is one of the most "accurate in time review" I've done so far.

Ok, the film stars Jason Betaman and Melissa McCarthy, which, if that's the only thing you know about it, you will probably go like "say what? I need to watch this", at least that was my reaction. The problem comes when you actually sit to watch it. Here we go. 

Identity Thief tells the story of Sandy (Betaman) a bored, loving husband and father who gets in a series of unfortunate events because someone (McCarthy) has stolen his identity. Since the police tells him that there isn't much they can do on the subject, he decides to go after her and bring her to justice. Up until here, the movie was ok (not funny, though). Then he gets her and all hell breaks loose and thousands of stupid things happen in here just to get the story going, which obviously, is terrible. The fact is that if they (writer/director/producer) had just kept it as simple as : Man is fucked up + he goes get the one who ruined him + something BELIEVABLE happens along the way + in the end… whatever. The film would have worked just fine, maybe it would have also been funny, and maybe people like me would not end up thinking, "if only i had used those two hours of my life for something else".
The characters in the story are not particularly something that stands out. Only McCarthy's character is somewhat interesting, and only when you get to the end of the film you realise that she is interesting, which doesn't make much sense… 

Overall, a terrible film that is only watchable thanks to the likes of Betaman and McCarthy, who did their best to make this look like something better. The only good thing about this, is that finally, FINALLY, Miss McCarthy seems to be getting some attention. (thank you Bridesmaids!)

MadHatterSays: Don't watch it.

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