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Once upon a time

Once upon a time
Selfless, Brave and True

Hey everyone! just like last week, here I am talking about last night's episode! 

August / Pinocchio was back in storybrooke, and so was Neill's fiancée (for the first time, of course). The story went, as usual, from past moments to present day. In present day, we learned where had Pinocchio been for the entire season, and for the "some time ago" part, we got to saw how did August realise he was turning back to wood and everything he did to stop it from happening. Now, it was interesting to see how he managed to it, because we got to see some dark sides of one of the most famous fairytale characters we know. It was cool to see him back, overall.

Back in storybrook, Neill's fiancée is there, but she is also in August's past, which was kind of simple and hard to believe, but they like to do these things in the show, so I won't judge. I loved to see some Regina, and the moment with Snow was particularly good. But what I enjoyed the most of last night's episode was the moment when Regina tells Owen that she remembers him and oh, his father isn't there. Is she lying? probably, but that's Regina, and that's why we love her. 

I have to admit that I like what's going on with Snow, because if she is indeed turning dark, and she gets there (even if it is just to bring her back in the most awesome way) that would be an amazing twist to the tale, I don't think they should let that chance go.

I'm not going to tell you what happens in the end,  I don't want to spoil it. But basically, as I saw it, it was another fail attempt to impress the audience. 

Overall, it was a cool episode that is probably there to set in motion a very big, showy and epic finale, but I sincerely hope the next one is better than this one.

MadHatterSays: It's a fun show, but they need to work harder if they get to season 3

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