domingo, 24 de marzo de 2013

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect directed by Jason Moore

Hey! Today I'm going with a musical! I could have picked something more classy but hell, let's go for "cool" and not for "politically correct choices", I'll have time for that!

This film is about a cappella, which to me has always been interesting, but I had never seen a film around it, so it was interesting from the very beginning. The story is about a freshman student (Beca)  who wants to be a musician, but does not find the support to do so. But her father, who teaches at the university, tells her that if she actually makes an effort to make friends, study and all, he will let her go to LA and study music. That's why she gets into this a cappella group (called the Barden Bellas), which is a very strict group that is eager to win the national competition of a cappella singing, and take the glory away from their all time enemies, "The Troublemakers". 

I'm not going to go on with the story, that's the main point, and by now you should be already interested about it. Oh, and by the way, Beca is portrayed by the great Anna Kendrick (who I consider to be underrated), that was just in case you needed more reasons to go and pick this one up. The music in the film is great, the musical numbers are actually really cool and mix perfectly with the film. 

There's a love story too, obviously, and well, you know how that goes, but what is so cool about Pitch Perfect is that the storytelling is great and you really don't care much about how predictable it can be. Another great thing about this is the supporting characters (mainly Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson).

So, great acting, great fun, great musical numbers....really, this might not be the greatest film of the year, but hell it is one of the most entertaining.

MadHatterSays: Watch it!


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