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Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Hello everyone!! I'm back with a book review!!! Insurgent, the sequel to Divergent (which I reviewed last month). So here we go!
Insurgent picks up exactly where Divergent left off. There's a war going on and all the factions have their role in it. I can't tell much about the story, mainly because that would mean spoiling up Divergent (which would not be cool for those who have not read it).

I have to say that it took me a long while to get to read this one, for two reasons: Although I did like Divergent I didn't think it was THAT good so I wasn't that freaked out when I finished it, and because all the reviews and comments about Insurgent were pointing out how disappointing it was, so I didn't really want to get into it. But over the last two weeks, as you may know, the casting for Divergent (the film) was confirmed, an Kate Winslet (my favourite actress) will be playing Jeannine, so I said to myself, I have to read Insurgent now. So I got it yesterday afternoon (24h ago), and I am reviewing it already.
The story is very entertaining because there is a lot of action in this one, there was action in Divergent too, but here is more like a quest rather than a competition, which was a nice change from the first one. Tris and Four (I can't really get to call him Tobias) are dealing with many stuff, not only with the war, but between them and their relationship (which was the least enjoyable part of the book). There are some new characters here, some develop and some remain as they were in Divergent. I have to admit that I wanted Tris to just die at some point, I was getting really bored with all the lying to his "boyfriend" . I mean, she spends like 150 pages blaming him for not trusting her, and she goes on and on lying to him, that didn't much sense. So yeah, the relationship between Tris and Four was somewhat weird, but I didn't pay much attention to it.
The action, in general, was cool, and very entertaining. I do have to admit though, that sometimes it felt like it was intentionally complicated by the author, to make it look more spectacular and all, but I can't blame her, it is cool to see people doing action stuff. Another thing that I didn't quite like was that at some points, everything was suicidal just because, with no particular reason. But, whatever.

The last half of the book was very interesting and I enjoyed reading how everything grows to the ending (which was really cool). So overall, I actually did enjoy this one, and I'd dare to say that I liked it more than Divergent, but I think that has to do with the fact that I had low expectations about Insurgent, and it was better than I thought.
However, there is one thing that I can't take off my mind. **SPOILER**: Jeannine wasn't much of a villain in the first book, but here she clearly is. I guess I liked the fact that she is actually on the book (presently) for less than 10 pages, because she is really intimidating and scary even. So, when you get a character like that, why would you kill her like that? I mean, it's ok to kill her (although I am pretty sure that I would have preferred her to remain the main villain in the third book too), but not like that. And I also think that it should have been Tris or perhaps Tobias the one to do it, not Tori, who even though has her reasons, was sort of a random pick to end with Jeannine's reign.

So, that's it. I finished it not too long ago and maybe I'm rushing to write the review, but here it is!.

MadHatterSays: Read it! (if you read and liked Divergent)

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