domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

The Avengers

The Avengers directed by Joss Whedon
Hey everyone! I had no idea of what to review, but some friends of mine were talking about the avengers so I decided that I could use their idea.
You can't talk about the avengers without mentioning the films that go before it. I should, perhaps, review those too. I'll think about it in the future.
The avengers: In this film you get: Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black widow, Hawkeye… all in one!! Which was brilliant when they announced it, but let's face it, it could have been a complete disaster. Thank god, it wasn't.
In here, Loki is back and he is determined to rule over humans and give planet earth quite a different look. His mission is to get back the teseract (which we first saw in Captain America), and after that, he would be given amazing powers. That's why, after he manages to take the teseract, Nick Fury gets the Avengers to work together to protect earth. That's the idea.
Now, the performances and the characters are not different from the previous movies (although I have to admit that Thor was way better in this one), so there isn't much to talk about that, they are superheroes with the distinction that they are also human, and whatever affects a regular human being, affects the avengers, and that's great because you can emphasize with them, which is crucial in a film.
The story was quite good, the only thing I am still not quite sure about is the final part of the film, it looks amazing and all but it's way to similar to the final part of Transformers: Dark of the moon. Whatever, the visual effects in here are just brilliant, they are not too showy, which makes it more interesting because they could have gone for it and make it the most spectacular thing ever, and they went another direction, making the film much more likeable (it's more focused on the characters than the special effects, so to speak. But make no mistake, it's quite amazing to watch)
I like the way that the relationships between the characters evolve, specially between Iron Man and Captain America. That's what makes this film different, it's not like all superheroes movies, this one is "more human".
MadHatterSays: Watch it (and specially in 3D)!

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  1. And needless to say, the script is pretty flawless, specially the Iron Man parts and some of the Black Widow's as well!
    (What can I say, I love this film XD)