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A midsummer night's dream

A midsummer night's dream by William Shakespeare

So, today is the international day of books, right? Well, at least it is in Spain, and since I just read this play for class, I thought it would be nice to use April 23rd to write about it. I must say though, that I have been out all day and I'm terribly tired and so I don't think I'll be able to write much. Anyway, thank you so much for reading!

The story begins with the preparations of a wedding, which evolves into a conversation of a "secret/forbidden" love between two of the characters, the girl (Hermia) is to be married to someone she doesn't love, and her father won't allow her to marry Lysander, who she does love. They agree to run away and get married in secret and live away from all what they have now.
Then there is a theatre company, getting ready for a play they have to represent. Those parts of the play were extremely funny and "Bottom", one of the characters, was just amazingly written (like the whole thing) and well, it was just so funny to read.
Then, the most surreal side, the fairies, which is a nice way to talk about love, but I think I will have to wait until we go through that part in class to fully understand why they are in the play. However, there are some nice, witty scenes that are actually very interesting to read.

The story is not long at all and it is so easy to read that I actually read the play in about an hour, which, given the fact that it is not written in modern day English, is quite something.

Shakespeare is Shakespeare and of course I am no one to talk about his works, but even though this may be quite silly and all, I had real fun  reading it and wouldn't mind at all to see a production of it. The writing is so good that you wouldn't even care if the story wasn't interesting, the words just capture you in such a way that not many stories can do.

MadHatterSays: Read it!

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