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The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises directed by Christopher Nolan

Hey everyone! I was looking up my "blu ray to buy" list and I came across this one, so I thought "hell, I have no idea of what to review today!" so, here I am with yet another review!

The last instalment of the Dark Knight trilogy was perhaps (Alongside The Hobbit) the most awaited film of 2012, and well, while many fans loved it, there was another great deal of people who were somewhat disappointed, can you guess in which group I am?

Gotham city has not seen batman for over eight years, and they thank Mr. Dent for cleaning up the streets and bringing peace back to the city. But of course, that isn't entirely true, is it?, Dent became two-face in "The Dark Knight" and he wasn't exactly planning on getting rid of criminals by the end, but Batman ruined his reputation so that Dent's death would not look as bad as it would have. But nothing goes as planned, and there's a huge power determined to bring Gotham to its knees, which makes Bruce Wayne dress up as Batman again, and fight for the innocent souls living in his city.

I'm actually quite proud of that synopsis so if you have a problem with it, I'm sorry, because I am not going on  with the story, in case you have not watched the film. So, as usual, let's go behind the cameras for a couple of lines.

The actors were great, (specially Hathaway, who was best in show, for me), and I enjoyed Christian Bale's transformation from "oldie Mr. Wayne" to "Hell I'm sexy as hell again", but maybe it was too much. Alfred is absent for almost the entire film, which is terrible because he brought somewhat special to these films, but, whatever, that was Nolan's decision and I respect it. Now, what I do not respect is that he (Nolan) took the material too seriously, believing that he was filming the best film ever made, trying to top The Dark Knight, and he missed out. The plot is a mess, half of it doesn't work and the other half is rather stupid. The new characters are ridiculous (Miranda, I'm looking at you). Why would you have Marion Cotilliard kill her career? I mean, seriously, terrible, just terrible. The other big problem was Bane, he actually sacred the sh** out of me for half of the film, but at the end Nolan wanted to make him human, and instead, he made him pointless.

I am not even going to talk about the ending (yeah, the big super surprise ending that it was supposed to be so brilliant), or some of the deaths. There's no need, because that would be giving  it more credit than what the film actually deserves.

Technically, we are presented with an amazing piece of work that maybe will go down as a masterpiece. As a film, well, I think I made my point in the last paragraph.
It was not the worst film of 2012, of course, but for me it was one of the most disappointing.

MadHatterSays: Re watch "The dark knight", and then if you are curious, watch this.

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