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Harry Potter and the Half blood prince

Harry Potter and the Half blood prince directed by David Yates

Hey there, I have like 5 minutes to write, and since I have 3 more Harry Potter films left, I'll go with one of them. The sixth one!

Harry is back at Hogwarts, Sirius was killed in the last fil/book and Harry is not in his best moment. Suddenly, Dumbledore needs him for a mission that will help destroy the dark lord. They have to find the Horcruxes, which basically are objects that have pieces of Voldemort's soul, which makes him immortal.
This is the beginning of the end, because from now on the main goal will be find and destroy those horcruxes. There are some nice moments in the film, but overall I thought it was the worst adaptation of them all, which really bothers me because it came from my favourite book from the entire series. 

It seems to me, that they went for the "romance" between the characters rather than what was really important. I really didn't like this film, the only thing worth watching was its last part, even though it was too different from the book and I am still mad at them for not including the last chapters in the book (I'm not telling what happens, in case someone doesn't know it). 

Basically, this is to me a bad adaptation, that is nothing but disappointing, which is not at all like the source material it is based on. 

MadHatterSays: Obviously, you will have to watch this if you watch the entire series, but this is the worst one, by far.

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