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Iron Man

Iron Man directed by Jon Favreau

Hey there! Today I had an exhausting day, but I've been thinking what to review and walking up and down the streets I kept noticing that Iron Man 3 hits cinemas in two days, so I thought, well, I might go with Iron Man today, the second one in a couple of days, and then I'll review the 3rd one, so here I am!!!

I must confess that it took me a long time to watch this film, basically because I've never been one for comics or superheroes, but I kept hearing nice things about it so a couple of years ago I rented it and watch it all by myself, and to my own surprise, I loved it.
The character of Iron Man is so cool and at the same way hideous that one wants to either become a diehard fan or be next in line to kill him, and I think that something like that is very hard to achieve, because I obviously thing that is a good thing. So, for that I think we must give credit to Marvel, for making sure that they were spending money in a good film.
What I enjoyed the most about the film (besides Robert Downey Jr. 's performance) is the humour in the film. It has a great bunch of hilarious lines that makes the film really special and different from many super hero films, and since this was one of the first ones I saw that had action, comedy and good actors doing all of the above, it remains as one of my favourites superhero films.

OH, about the performances, if you haven't seen this film (which I doubt), perhaps I should mention that the villain is played by none other than Jeff Bridges, yes, "the dude", and Gwyneth Paltrow is in it too, so if you have actually not watched this, give it a chance, come on!

MadHatterSays: Watch it!

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