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Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets by J.K. Rowling

Hey everyone! today I've been studying all day and the one thing I've done apart from that is watching another of the Harry Potter films (I'm re watching them all). I wanted to go ahead and review the film, but I thought it may be appropriate to dedicate some lines to the book. By some, I mean, not many, this (alongside the fifth one, is the only book I have not read more than once) is not particularly familiar to me right now so...
Harry is back in action here, he meets Dobby and he keeps warning him not to go to Hogwarts because something is happening, something dangerous. You all know what it is, obviously, the heir of Sliytherin has re-opened a legendary chamber called "the chamber of secrets" , and plans to unleash the beast that lives in it. Harry discovers many things about him, and his fate, and it's obvious that he will be the one to protect Hogwarts from that nightmare.
There are some "grave encounters" if you excuse the phrase, as Harry will meet Tom Riddle, (A.K.A. the bastard kid that will go on to be Voldemort), and in almost a genius way, we are presented with two key elements for the rest of the series (The diary, and the Basilisk).

As I have mentioned, I have only read this once, I want to go back to it at some point, but it was never one of my favourites (my absolute favourite being the 6th), so I really don't remember much of it, and probably I have added stuff from the film, well, I'm sorry... I promise I will read it again.

As for the book, as much as I can remember, it is as magical as the first one, the writing is still amazingly imaginative and the developing of the story is simple and works perfectly (Rowling knows how to tell a story, what she does is extremely difficult and that's why I want to praise it). The characters don't have much evolving, but of course, this is a 7 book series, so the evolution of the characters is gradual and there is still a lot to come!

Overall, I remember I enjoyed the second Harry Potter novel, that's why I want to read it again sometime. Well, I'll be posting about the film some other day, the review is long enough for a single post I think. Thanks for reading! (And again, sorry for the lack of depth, I really wish I had read Chamber of Secrets at least twice!)

MadHatterSays: read it!

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