sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

Farewell, my dear challenge.

Hello everyone,

I am sorry to inform you that due to University work I am forced to quit the review challenge. However, I will not close the blog as I will keep on posting reviews from time to time, of either books I read or any new films I watch.

I am terribly sorry because I don't consider myself a quiter, but one must have his priorities, and unfortunatelly, the challenge isn't one when it comes to univeristiy.

Thank you if you have been coming here often or perhaps everyday to see what I had to say about a particular book of film, I hope you continue to do so, even if it's not a race to self pride.

I will not remove the Challenge setting today, because I know how I am and it's likely that I will regret this post and go on with it. But in spite of what I might think, today I have an important dinner to attend, so luckily I won't have time to think much about it.

Again, thank you all so much and I hope I'll "be seeing" you all soon.

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