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Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets directed by Chris Columbus 
Hello everyone! today I'm back with the film review!! I just finished watching "Deathly Hallows parts 1 & 2" and I thought, yeah, go and review the second film! So here I am!!! (I wanted to review it some other day)
So, Chamber of secrets, to me, was (or better, is) the "experiment" film. They did the first film, it was great, got great reviews and it was box office hit, then they went for the second one, and it was somewhat tricky. Obviously, the film was going to do great at the box office, but they had to manage to get the magic going, with the same subtlety, and I thing that they didn't get that part.

You see, it seems to me that the film cares to much about the special effects and sort of left the story to another minor side. Obviously, we get nice moments, emotional moments that remain here as something that stands out, (like Hermione being petrified and all that, for example), but I never got myself much into the story (as I do in the other films).
Another issue with this second film is it's duration, it's almost 3 hours and it's not precisely entertaining (not the whole thing at least). I was watching it the other day (the full film, which I hadn't done in years) and it shocked me to see that after they find the Chamber of secrets, the film still goes on for another 40 minutes...

Of course, not everything is bad in Chamber of secrets, I still enjoy watching the Chamber bit, I really like all the Tom Riddle stuff (As I mentioned yesterday, I am huge fan of how Rowling managed to get us thinking about the Horcruxes before we even knew they existed). Gilderoy Lockhart is also one of the most brilliant things of this film, he is a great hateable character played by non other than Kenneth Branagh, obviously, it could not have went wrong with him. But if you take that out, the only real reason (for me, at least), to re watch the film, is to watch Maggie Smith, Robbie Coltrane, Richard Harris, and the main trio do their jobs...

Overall, I think it's my least favourite film of the entire saga, but make no mistake, I am sure that many move adaptations would kill to be half of what Chamber of Secrets is. (I'm thinking about Twilight, yes)

MadHatterSays: Not the best one, but deserves a watch.
                               2/5 (I'm ranking it as a film, not as a story)

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