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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban directed by Alfonso Cuarón

Hello everyone! I'm terribly busy with exams and stuff from university so I've decided to go with the HP films, since I have watched them during the past week, and it won't take much time to write about them. Sorry for being so unoriginal

Harry is back in Hogwarts this time, and hell he does it right! Right from the start you get the feeling that you are watching something different. Just byy the way the film is filmed you get the sense that there has been some hard work here. I like all the Dursley's part of the film, I think it is amazing and extremely funny.

Right from the moment when you know that someone named Sirius Black is on the loose you realise that you are not in a fairytale anymore. This is when Harry Potter gets darker, and I love that. The characters are evolving now, there's much more to each of them. Harry is about to learn some dark stuff about the past and that is great for character evolution. Then you get the dementors too, which are a pain in the ass for Harry.

There are some changes in Hogwarts, they redesigned everything (for the better) and now it looks more like an actual "campus" and not just a random castle. The narrative of the story is brilliant and even though it is still like 2 and a half hours long, it doesn't seem to be that long. Alfonso Cuaron made an amazing job directing this and recreating the world set in the first two movies.  Everything related to the "time shifting" thing was very interesting and makes you think about the film after you watch it, which obviously is a great thing.

All the performances are great. I love that Harry, Ron and Hermione don't have to wear the uniform all the time, and obviously I love the badass version of Hermione too. The special effects were way better here (which is normal) and the new pieces of music composed by John Williams are just spectacular (particularly "Buckbeack's flight")

This is perhaps the film that differs the most from the book, but everything in it works as much as it does in the written story, that goes to show you that this is perhaps one of the best films in the Harry Potter film series.

MadHatterSays: Watch it!

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