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War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds directed by Steven Spielberg

Hey there, I know that this one is an "oldie" but I had a really low afternoon and I watched it, so I'll drop a line or two about it and that will be all for today, I'm exhausted of a "hard rock week of exams", so to speak.

So, here, we have Tom Cruise playing a "careless father, or if you will, a disaster of a father. His children 
have to stay with him for a weekend and guess what there's an Alien invasion that screws up the plan of doing nothing. This aliens are "driving" huge tripods that are killing absolutely everyone on their path. The world is at chaos and Tom Cruise has to take his children back to their mother, because it's pretty obvious that if they are with their mother, and the aliens get there, they will think: "what a beautiful family that is, let's let them live". 

There's great CGI in this film, as one would expect, and it's packed with action which is good because it makes the film less boring. It's not that I hated it, don't get me wrong, but I feel somewhat disappointed because the first 20 minutes are actually amazing (with the apparition of the aliens and all), but then it feels like it just loses it and it's an entirely different thing, which is not that interesting.

I got the DVD for like 1 euro and the review states: "Steven Spielberg at his best", well, obviously whoever wrote that has not seen any other Spielberg film, I wouldn't say this is the worst, but definitely not his best work. I didn't pay much attention to the music, and the writing was pretty stupid overall. What I really liked was the art direction, particularly the part with Tim Robbins and all, that was cool.

Basically, this is a "Family drama, with kids that don't get along with his father, + giant killing machines", with one of the most disappointing endings (or more accurate to say: one of the most random) I've ever seen.

MadHatterSays: Meh…
                      2.5/5 (I feel bad giving a bad grade to Spielberg)

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