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Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo directed by Andrew Stanton

Hello everyone! Given the recent announcement of "Finding Dory" I have decided to write some lines about "Finding Nemo".

I haven't watched Nemo in a long time but I remember it well enough to write about it. The story, in case you don't know, is about a father who after some hard and devastating events in his live, loses his son when someone takes him away. He then starts a journey to find his son,  the big problem of course is that the ocean is too big to know where to start looking. However, Dory comes in his way, she is a lovely, funny, fish who keeps losing her mind all over again. They make a terrific duo that fight against many, many, things to get Nemo back.

It took me a while to watch Nemo for the first time, because when it came out I thought "Why would I want to watch a film about a fish?" of course, I was wrong, as Nemo is perhaps one of the most moving films that we have seen over the last decade. Not to mention that it is an animation gem, and has an amazing screenplay that nowadays you only get with animation.

Every character in this film is more interesting and better developed than many of the characters that we usually get in films these days. One tip: Vegetarian sharks. That is an idea that should be acknowledge a one of the most originals in the film.  Every actor made an incredible job with their voices, giving the characters unbelievable depth.

Of course, I want to talk about Dory. She is the best part of the film , you can either cry from joy or sadness with her, and Ellen DeGeneres brings her to life in the most extraordinary way with just her voice, which obviously is quite something.

Nemo may not be my all time favourite when it comes to animation (Toy Story 3 remains to be my favourite), but it is up there, with others like Up, Wall-E, and many others.

MadHatterSays: Watc it!

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