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Game of thrones

Game of thrones

Hello everyone! Today I finally watched Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones so I'm going to spend a couple of minutes telling you what I thought about it. Let's get started, shall we?

The episode picks up right where the last one left off. Jamie has lost his hand, his sword hand as he calls it, the tension in Kings Landing is only going up and everything in westeros (even up the wall) is starting to set in motion what looks like a very intense season. I have to say that i love the bit up the wall, because I wasn't expecting that at all, so I was really impressed.

I think I mentioned this in my other reviews, but the last two seasons of the show were not that good for me, I mean, they were nice and all but not as much of a masterpiece as everyone else think of them. But this one, damn! every single day it gets better and better, which only worries me, because it can either go on like this, or simply lose it and become boring as hell from now on (which I doubt, given this last episode).

I won't tell you much about it, just to say that the ending is amazing, although a little bit predictable, but hey, I actually didn't care about not being surprised, really, because that moment is so well shot, written and acted that you just sit there, watch it and think: son of a b***.

The characters, as usual, keep growing up, specially Daeneris in this one, and that is obviously great, because having not read the books, getting to know the characters that well is essential.

MadHatterSays: watch it, it's the best one yet!

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