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Carnage directed by Roman Polanski

Hey there! I had no idea of what to review, so I looked up and I found myself staring at the poster of the film and I thought "That's a must do!" So, there I go!

In case you have not watched the film (based on the play "The God of Carnage" by Yasmina Reza) it's about two sets of parents who meet up in order to discuss a fight between their sons, where one of them has been injured. We are not talking about an epic fight, the situation is just one of the boys hitting the other with a stick and breaking two of his teeth. To me, the premise of the film could not be simpler and better.
This parents are very different from one another, something you can see from the very beginning. On the one hand, the injured kid parents (Jodie Foster and John C. Riley) are trying to be strictly diplomatic about the situation and are constantly dealing with it as if ethics and human morals was the only important thing in live. On the other hand, the "aggressor child" parents (Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz) are basically going on with it, you can tell that they "don't see the big picture", it's just two kids playing and one gets hurt, move on! That's probably what they think.
So, you get this two different and very interesting visions of the same event, now get the two sets of parents inside one room (yes, the movie happens all in one room), and expect the worse. 

The film is amazingly acted (For real, it's hard to come by a film with such performances). The screenplay is just spectacular, as it goes on for over 75 minutes and never fails to impress. Roman Polanski knows what he is doing, and filming the whole story in real time and in just one room is a challenge not many directors could undertake. Obviously, the film is funny as hell and what's also interesting about it is that once and for all adults behave like they usually say we younger people shouldn't.

MadHatterSays: Watch it!

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